Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pints: Jarrylo Blonde

Two simple goals for this batch (well, 3 I guess).  First, build up a smack pack of Wyeast 1318 for yeast harvesting.  I want to use this yeast for IPAs, among other things.  Second, use up some of the jarrylo hops I have left over from AHA membership last year.  Third, I guess, I want to make an easy drinking, refreshing ale for these increasingly warm Oklahoma days.
Ingredients (70% efficiency targeted):
4 Lbs 2 Row
1/4 Lbs acid malt
1/4 Lbs honey malt
1 oz jarrylo hops
Wyeast 1318 (1 pack)
Start with 3.25 gallons
Treat water with campden
Single Infusion, 148F for 60 minutes
Mash out at 170F and squeeze the bag
Add .25 oz jarrylo and bring to a boil (FWH?)
30 minute boil
Add .75 oz cascade at flame out when transferring to the cooling pot.
Finishing Up:
Cool to pitching temperature
Aerate with immersion blender
Set fermentation chamber to 67F

4/2/2016: brew day.  Started at 12:20.  First brew on poor man's grainfather.  Temperatures end up being approximate.  Does not hold a precise temperature.  Probably mashed closer to 145F.  Finished at 3:30.  Hit a gravity of 1.046.

Recirculation! (that only worked once)
Poor man's Grainfather

4/5/2016: took off temperature control.  had been vigorously fermenting.  Krausen almost blew out.  Had the lid unscrewed most of the time.  Harvested some of the pure yeast crust at the top.  Gravity is about 1.012.

4/9/2015:  kegged and harvested yeast.  Got a good pint jar of fairly clean looking yeast.  Forgot to check gravity.  Probably dropped another point or so; bubbles were pretty much stopped.  About 1/2 pint of slurry after it settled in the fridge..

4/23/2016:  put on gas.  40 psi for 24 hours

4/28/2016:  overcarbed and foamy as fuck, but at least it tastes good.  The flavor has a hint of grape candy flavor...which is weird, but it tastes good to me.  Would be a solid blonde ale if it wasn't so overcarbed.  Aroma is vaguely fruitly and maybe a little musty/yeasty.  Mouthfeel is very smooth, but there is a bit of dry astringency at the end.  Taste is a bit sweet and fruity, with a touch of toastiness at the end.

A tasty early pour

5/12/2016: carbonation is a little better now.  Still over-carbed, but not as badly.  Taste has improved in the past week or so, the fruitiness has come forward a bit more; grape-ish flavor is a bit more obvious.  Really liking it at this point.  It is actually translucent now once the condensation goes away.
A clearer pour from shortly before the keg kicked.

6/5/2016: keg kicked.  About 250oz served.  Really good until the end, especially once the yeast dropped out.  Really enjoyed this beer, and will be using this yeast in the future.

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